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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

An Aspect in Hinduism

An Aspect In Hinduism

Hinduism has been a way of life for the people to love god, to live with god and show love to god. It is a wholesome. A Soul, Spirit of God and a Greater Soul. God is of you and you are of God. Self and a greater Self. It is their birth, rebirth and  birth now. It is an opportunity to be with him by doing good to clear any Karmic debts.It is 'Manovakiam'. These followers practice, it is love by Heart, Mind and Actions. Living with nature and loving nature respectfuly as Divine Creation, as the GOD is supreme to all. It is Nurture of nature with Nature in Nature. They see the Micro in the Macro and the Macro in the Micro. As Heart was praying to God, Mind built on Vedanta was supporting the God in the Heart, while Actions embraced was affirming the Path of God with our good, caring, affections, helpful, clean, saviour, sharing, guru, loving, and praying behaviours. We have to be pure that is to be one in spirit, one in mind and one in cumulative actions as obeisance, thankfulness, submission,acknowledgement, and sacrificial to God. God is great!


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